Welcome to the world of Reptiles

Reptiles are slithery, slimy and scaly.

Turtles, crocodiles, lizard, alligators are all reptiles!


Reptiles are cold-blooded animals. Also, called as scaly-skinned vertebrates. Most of them lay eggs and give birth to young ones. One third of reptile population are  threatened with extinction.

Types of Reptiles

Living reptiles are mainly of four types:

Snakes and Lizards

Snakes are legless reptiles. Lizards are similar to snakes but have legs. Only small percentage of them are poisonous.

Crocodiles and Alligators

They seem slow but are very alert when their prey is nearby. They quickly move when they are in attacking position.

Turtles and Tortoise

Both live primarily in water and on land. Their body is covered with hard carapace. In other way, they have big shell to protect them.


Also called as Rhynchocephalia. It is a relative of lizards. It is a living fossil and found only in New Zealand.

Reptile Statistics

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Know More about Reptiles

Reptiles are ancient creatures. A finest example is the Snake. Here we are to provide you with the knowledge of all reptiles found in India and the world.